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I'm Stas Over. I am engaged in UX/UI design of large and complex services.
I have a higher mathematical education. And when I was a student back in 2000, I got into professional design, turned my hobby into a successful activity. For several years I worked in different companies, having gained invaluable experience in the area of UX/UI design and development of websites/interfaces as a whole. High quality service delivery and understanding of what an excellent customer service is helped me collect my own customer base and become a full-time freelancer. As a freelancer I could get even more invaluable experience and clearly define my niche.

Hey! Welcome on Board.

Welcome to this authors project dedicated to design and development. In this blog I collect all my unique experience for you and write about everything that is interesting to me. About balance, systems, creation, natural laws and principles of the universe, production and launch of high quality projects for people, information architecture, high level of design/detail, psychology and mentality, self-development and management of thoughts, as well as everyday things and life in different countries.

I have been creating this project for people who want to develop not just in the area of UX/UI design, but also ask more complex questions about the universe, creation of something. For people who live a productive and creative life, strive for something, launch their projects, are inspired and analyze the experience of successful start-ups. For intelligent people who have a comprehensive view of things, rather than narrowly focused daily activities. For designers who understand that the appearance is the result of analysis and modeling, rather than abstract ideas for the sake of a beautiful picture. For people who are interested, first of all, in creation of something useful for others, but not just for themselves. So, like-minded people and seekers, welcome!

I devoted a lot of time to mathematics and geometry. I practiced meditation, mental energy and search for the soul. For several years I studied various esoteric and spiritual practices, I also used to be very fond of the East: Tibet, India, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. I completed various courses on promotion and marketing, launched various businesses. At the moment I'm a full-time freelancer and quite a successful one. My freelance activities allow my family to live in different countries for several months - in Europe, Asia and America. And also to travel several times a year. In this way I can better understand the psychology and mentality of different peoples. I have combined all the acquired knowledge in my work. Development of UX/UI design and training in this area. My view is more complex and expanded. First of all, I take into account the most important resource of a modern man in the information space - time.

I am the author of a free unique online course called "Setting Priorities" dedicated to UX design and creation of high quality products and services. You can get this course absolutely free of charge, and also be aware of the release of all the most recent and interesting articles in my blog.

If you are interested in the development of an interesting project, I will be happy to meet you. If you have interesting suggestions, you can contact me too.
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