Appearances are Deceptive

Appearances are deceptive. I was often convinced of it. But people get stuck on the exterior faster and more often. It’s very simple, since they do not have to strain. This principle works in all life spheres and is successfully used by many people.

And now I’m going to explain in detail what I mean. In this article I would like to share my observations and past experience, how easily people get stuck on the exterior and few of them want to delve into the essence of things. Here I will describe my first steps to move into a deeper world of human psychology.

The beautiful presentation, and what's inside?
The beautiful presentation, and what’s inside?


Meetings with customers

When I lived at a single place and just started freelancing, I often had to meet with customers. I did not have much experience to competently conduct discussions and take the situation under my control. Once I came to an initial meeting with customers, with which I had never worked before. And they began to discuss my portfolio. They proceeded to giving advice, which they believed could improve my works. They recommended correcting a composition here, moving the menu there, and so on. So, the situation was as follows: people did not even try to find out what the task was, how I solved it with other customers, and how this project developed further. Innocent enough. They just evaluated external images in terms of artistic composition.

Sometime later I talked with customers who really liked my works, and they wanted to work with me. But when I came to their office, it turned out that the director did not care much about the work process and how to increase the conversion. My stories about research looked like an utter nonsense in the eyes of the entire team. The director wanted a beautiful picture, something artistic and super creative. And it did not bother him whether it would work or not. He did not hear me. The main thing for him was the outer shell.


Social networks

I have some experience in working with social networks not only as a common user. In olden times I took many courses on the promotion of social networks and had quite large publics. Therefore, I know very well what psychology, statistics, figures and advertising are, on which all social networks repose.

In particular, I would like to pay attention to Instagram. In my opinion, it is the most promising and modern social network. And it exists solely due to the concept of NOT TO BE, BUT TO SEEM. So, the outer shell of human life is elevated to the degree of the absolute. Instagram is a proof that the plebes lap up the exterior. I personally know people who have 50 to 500 thousand subscribers. All of them generate successful success in Instagram. It is the most sticking topic, which ensures the largest number of subscribers. And 99% of Instagram heroes are out of tune with reality. Everything is different in real life. And sometimes it is absolutely different, unfortunately.


Design community

So, we approached the most evaluative audience in the area of UX/UI Design. The fact is that the same principles work in design. We all use various resources like Dribble and Behance. And if you look the facts in the face, then you will see that very few people delve into other people’s works. Few people understand what the process was (if there is a description) or how this interface works in reality. If you analyze, there are a lot of absolutely nonworking interfaces. There are a lot of beautiful pictures of concepts that cannot work and you can understand it, if you take a closer look at them. And all this beauty has crazy ratings, because people like to look at beautiful pictures. And designers especially =). So, designs bloom for the sake of design in design communities. And appearances have high ratings, while there may be a complete emptiness inside.


Selling design

You probably heard such an expression as “selling design”. It is when a designer is assigned a task to increase sales by means of a cool outer shell. As you understand, it is total crap. First, no selling design exists, of course. Only the service as a whole can be selling. You can read about it in my free online course Setting Priorities. There is a form in the right sidebar, enter your e-mail and I will send you the course.

I even met tasks on freelance services, when an UI designer was asked to increase the conversion up to a certain level, for example, up to 6%. So, many people (customers) see beautiful pictures of competitors and believe that only work of an UI designer and creation of a beautiful external picture are behind them. And nothing else. And this is called selling design.



I have many other examples and observations, but briefly in the examples above I wanted to show that an appearance is not what it really is. And it is not so easy to understand it in modern information space. A long-lasting development process during the year and successful business can be behind a beautiful picture of the interface. Or maybe vice versa – emptiness and uselessness.

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